Smart Cities need insights. numbers. analytics. sensors. data. facts.

We can help with that.

Steadily increasing traffic and parking shortages in cities and municipalities call for sustainable measures: Optimized parking guidance systems, adapted traffic light circuits, expansions of bicycle paths, and other instruments can help. But only, if they are backed by fact-based information. Our solutions enable a simple yet reliable data collection, are available 24/7, and deliver structured and visualized data directly to those who need it.

By developing revolutionary Artificial Intelligence, Swarm Analytics turns simple cameras into GDPR compliant smart sensors. This leads to smarter, faster, easier and trustworthy solutions while increasing affordability. Swarm Analytics simplifies data collection in traffic, safety and parking management.

Whether traffic analysis, traffic counting or traffic safety; vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians: Our software recognizes the relevant objects and processes the data in real time in place, similar to the human brain. The anonymized and statistical data is then processed in a centralized database which can be used for visualizations and dashboards on various aggregation levels. With just one click individual data reports can be consumed intuitively and in a time-saving manner with the help of predefined widgets.

Our Solution Areas

Traffic Insights

For everybody involved in traffic planning. Get an overview of the traffic situation during the year, month, week and day. Whether traffic counting, local origin-destination analyses, or speed estimates.

Advanced Traffic Insights

The extra for every traffic planner. Simply and easily obtain even more traffic information: Journey time and area wide traffic flow, traffic type split and the major topic of traffic safety with the help of Advanced Traffic Insights.

Parking Insights

For parking operators who need reliable capacity information to use for Parking Guidance Systems and to ensure proper operation of parking areas: Entry/exit counting, single and multi space detection and license plate recognition.

From video to data with Swarm Analytics

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