Advanced Traffic Insights

It’s all about the unexpected

Within traffic safety, it’s all about the unexpected: Vehicles and bicycles traveling in the wrong lane or even in the wrong direction. Pedestrians jaywalking and crossing the street where there are neither crosswalks nor traffic lights. Vehicles speeding. Bicycles with significant speed differences on narrow lanes. Vehicles passing a crosswalk when pedestrians are crossing.

Improving safety in increasingly tense traffic situations requires an improved infrastructure and smart sensors capable of measuring the impact of any intervention. With the help of our Advanced Traffic Insights solution, the respective stakeholders are supported in recognizing and analyzing these situations as well as potential hazards and thus in taking appropriate measures.

Let’s have a deeper look at our solution’s features:

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Traffic Counting & Classification
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Real-time Data Visualization
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Monitoring of Vulnerable Road Users
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Speed Measurement
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Monitoring of Dangerous Situations and Behaviour
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100% GDPR compliant

From video to data with Swarm Analytics

Illustration of a traffic situation

Real world example

We would love to demonstrate the impact of smart sensors for traffic safety. For this use case, we are working together with the city of Lustenau in Austria:

Live demo

Would you like to go over our Advanced Traffic Insights solution and hardware options in a short meeting? Feel free to get in touch with our colleagues:

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