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Easy and real time information for any parking utilization

GIF file of a Parking Monitoring simulation

A functional, digital parking management saves time when searching for parking spaces. But more importantly, it reduces the traffic generated by the seemingly eternal search for parking spaces. This not only saves money, but – much more crucial – CO2 emissions.

Through our SWARM Perception Boxes, we support you as a parking operator, whether municipal or private, with innovative solutions and technologies for typical and previously complicated use cases in parking management.

This allows you to utilize the full potential of your parking space. No matter which use case, a lot of scenarios can be mapped: Barrierless parking, capacity monitoring by counting vehicles at entries and exits, or by detecting dedicated parking areas with an occupancy state – or even both combined. Just to name a few.

Let’s have a deeper look at our solution’s features:

GIF file of a Parking Monitoring simulation
green icon of parking area
Entry/Exit Monitoring
green icon of two parking cars
Curb-Side/On-Street Parking
green parking lot icon
Single-/Multi-Space Parking
green parking sign
Capacity Management
green icon of dashboard
Real-time Data Visualization
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Unpaved Surface Parking
green icon of timer
Overtime Parking Registration
green license plate icon
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
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100% GDPR compliant

Our technology supports Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), which can make your parking system even more efficient. Our ANPR solution is fully GDPR compliant, as it only records the vehicle’s license plate with a timestamp: One capture taken at the entry and the exit. Its data retention is fully customizable depending on your use case. This gives you the possibility to consider individual requirements: Parking spaces for employees, maximum parking times, grace periods, free parking time, hourly rates. All you need to do is upgrade your camera(s) with our SWARM Perception Box!

From video to data with Swarm Analytics

Illustration of a parking situation

Real world example

Now that you got insights about our Parking Insights solution, we would love to show you an example of it. For this use case, we are cooperating with our partner INTERMAPS:

Live demo

Would you like to go over our Parking Insights solution and hardware options in a short meeting? Feel free to get in touch with our colleagues. They are happy to show you around:

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