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Our SWARM Perception boxes are built with a central device management in mind, which allows fast and easy roll-outs, easy configuration and low management effort. We bring the computation directly to the data source – while keeping all management centralized. This helps to reduce data traffic, is fully GDPR compliant and allows real time data generation. Our SWARM Perception boxes are equipped with a powerful AI chip and are ready for installation right away. Alternatively, our Perception software can be deployed to existing hardware, keeping full control over your data.

Have a look at our hardware:

SWARM Perception Box P101: Built to deliver highly optimized computer vision algorithms within a small form factor. Allows a simple integration and uses cases as ANPR.

Picture of the P101
Picture of the OP101

SWARM Outdoor Perception Box OP101: Plug & play solution which is already equipped with LTE and two integrated PoE ports for camera connectivity.

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