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The SWARM Perception Platform

Introducing our SWARM Perception Platform, consisting of our cloud-based SWARM Control Center and our hardware in the form of our SWARM Perception Boxes, designed to offer an all-encompassing solution for traffic and parking management. Together they provide:

  1. Management and configuration on the edge devices
  2. Real-time video analytics and event analysis
  3. Data analytics and visualization


This way, we bring the computation directly to the data source – while keeping all management centralized. This helps to reduce data traffic, is fully GDPR-compliant and allows real-time data generation.

The architecture behind it:

Our SWARM Control Center: Data Analytics and Visualizations

Our SWARM Control Center is the core of our platform and a powerful tool that provides you with a wide range of features and options for retrieving reliable data and insights for your traffic management and parking facilities.

Data Analytics tool for traffic and parking related installations. Comes with customizable aggregation, segmentation and filtering options for all data, making it easier to process large amounts of data in real-time.
Real-time information, e.g. parking space utilization, as well as historic trend analysis, e.g. median journey time from the last seven days.
High usability: Customizable dashboard creation in widget formats with grouping option making it easy to structure and present city-wide data in a clear and concise manner.
Data integration: Our solution offers various data export and integration options from transactional raw data via MQTT, structured aggregated data via REST API, or simple data exports in csv format.

Our SWARM Control Center: Orchestration and Configuration

Fine-tune and adjust settings to meet specific use case needs by configuring all basic and advanced edge video analytics features.

Offers intuitive configuration of event rules for contextual data, which helps to identify and respond to critical situations more effectively.

The system also features assisted track and live calibration for more complex and accurate configurations.

Multi-role support for enabling users to assign different roles as needed. This allows for greater flexibility and control over system access and management.

Real-time device health monitoring as well as configurable alerts to help users stay informed and take action when necessary.

Maintenance made easier through centralized over-the-air software updates for our SWARM Perception Boxes.

Automatic platform updates, quick access to device logs, and easy reboot option for all devices as needed.

Have a look at our hardware:

SWARM Perception Box P101

Illustration of the P101's outside with labels

Built to deliver highly optimized computer vision algorithms within a small form factor. Allows a simple integration and use cases such as ANPR.

SWARM Outdoor Perception Box OP101AC

Illustration of the OP101AC's outside with labels

Plug & play solution which is already equipped with LTE and two integrated PoE ports for camera connectivity.

SWARM Outdoor Perception Box OP101DC

Illustration of the OP101DC's outside with labels

As the name suggests, this is the direct current (DC) variant of the OP101, which enables battery or solar-powered installations.

Overall, our SWARM Perception Platform is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that offers an extensive solution for traffic and parking management, with our SWARM Control Center at its core. With a wide range of integrated features and options, our platform is designed to help you optimize your traffic and parking operations.

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