Release of v2022.1

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New year, new release! Today, we launched v2022.1! This means a lot for improvements, especially in the parking use case with the Vertical Extension Parking feature. A special treat: Speed estimation!

New Features

Screenshot of Event Trigger configuration from Swarm Control Center

Easier event type configuration for parking and traffic scenarios with more options for your configuration

From now on, event type templates are available depending on the use case you wish to implement. The templates are divided in the two segments Parking and Traffic. Based on the selected template, you have the already pre-configured trigger settings that can be changed if necessary.

Single-space and multi-space Region of Interest (RoI) are now dedicated parking RoI that only consider vehicles in the detections.

All parking RoI are transmitted as a single aggregated event with all necessary information every 10 seconds, reducing post-processing effort and data traffic.

Improved parking scenario detection and greater coverage of parking spaces per camera

  • With model enhancements focused on parking scenarios, we have increased detection accuracy to more than 95% for single- and multi-space parking scenarios.
  • With a new model for parking that analyzes the camera frame with higher resolution, we can detect vehicles at a greater distance and with more of a top down view. This allows the camera to be mounted higher to avoid possible occlusions and increase accuracy.
  • See our detailed specification on how to set up a single- and multi-space parking scene in terms of camera placement.

Enhanced Parking scenario options by improving Data Analytics with single- and multi-space parking data

With the enhancement of our Parking scenarios within Data Analytics, it is now possible to display parking utilizations based on single- or multi-space configurations. On top of that, you can create multimodal parking scenarios where you can combine entry and exit capacity counting with single-space counting for dedicated parking lots in your parking area (i.e. EV charging spaces).

  • You can view the capacity of your parking space based on all available single- or multi-space parking configurations.
  • See the occupancy status of each configured single- and multi-space parking lot and quickly access this information via our Data Analytics API.


Screenshot of Swarm Control Center: Highway with inserted counting lines on one lane in order to do speed estimation

Speed estimation

The speed estimation feature allows you to extend your counting line to measure speed based on a configurable distance calibration. Speed estimation can be combined with any traffic counting use case and allows you to get the count including the speed estimation for each object.

In Data Analytics, you can then see the number of vehicles passing the CL in a given speed corridor or see the average speed on your aggregated counts. You also have the option to see the historical average speed of your speed estimation configuration over a period of time.


Automatic number plate recognition

Our ANPR feature has been improved to support all European license plates with the same accuracy. The accuracy has been drastically increased for each ANPR relevant scene.

Traffic model improvements - for better detection of persons and bicycles

Our Traffic model has been specifically improved for more stable detection of persons and bicycles. In addition, our Performance Lab has been extended to include the use case of measuring origin-destination of persons and bicycles at pedestrian crossings, in order to achieve even more reliable accuracy figures and more improvements in the detection of both persons and bicycles in the future.

Lastly, we would like to share the recording of today’s online live demo of v2022.1, so that those of you who could not join us, are still able to enjoy the demo.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Best regards from Innsbruck,

your Swarm Analytics team

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Image of laptop with login screen for Swarm Control Center on transparent background. Above the laptop are balloons in green, light green and light gray
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