Release of v2023.2

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New Features

New Classes: E-Scooters and Trams

The traffic sector is constantly evolving, and it’s crucial for our technology to keep pace in order to not only ensure our solution’s quality, but also to provide safe and efficient mobility analysis options. The increasing popularity of e-scooters for various reasons has led to their growing prevalence on our streets. By integrating e-scooters as class into our models, we can detect their presence and contribute to improving our product’s quality even further.

Additionally, trams are an important form of and vital for public transportation in many cities, reducing individual traffic and improving overall efficiency. By incorporating the tram class into our technology, we are able to analyze tram behavior and contribute to more efficient traffic analysis and management.

GIF of two people riding their e-scooters on a parking lot
GIF of tram passing by in the dark


We are still thrilled to announce the Early Availability of the new hosting service for our Control Center! As already mentioned in our previous mailing, Multi-Tenancy hosting is aimed at providing an even more seamless and efficient experience for your business. Let’s check out how this will be accomplished:

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Efficient Use of Cloud Resources

Our Multi-Tenancy hosting solution ensures the efficient allocation and utilization of cloud resources, resulting in a smooth and fast platform operation. By optimizing resource allocation, we guarantee an enhanced user experience with improved response times, and increased overall system performance. All this ensures that we can maintain our competitive pricing in the future.

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Flexible Sub-Instances

We understand that different user groups may require varying levels of access and dedicated resources. With our updated Multi-Tenancy hosting, you have the option to request smaller sub-instances, tailoring access and resources to specific user groups. This capability enables you to provide access to your customers to our Swarm Control Center and therefore enables you to resell the Swarm solution more efficiently and scale up without any blocking points.

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Isolated Data Storage

Your data belongs to you and will never be shared. Our multi-tenant hosting architecture ensures that data is stored and managed per sub-instance - so there will be no changes in terms of data separation and control. Each sub-instance benefits from isolated data storage, providing strict data security and privacy. Moreover, this isolated storage enables us to offer our powerful data analytics features specifically tailored to each sub-instance, allowing your customers to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

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User and Role Management

The user and role management process will be maintained for each sub-instance. This granular user access capability allows you to request different roles for users in different sub-instances.

What does this mean for you?

We would like to highlight that these enhancements represent just the first step towards an even more effortless and comprehensive update process. In the near future, we will be introducing a staged rollout option, which will further simplify the process of updating your instances. This will ensure a seamless transition and minimize any disruption to your operations during updates, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted experience.


The Multi-Tenancy hosting is not a prerequisite for the update to version 2023.2. So we are starting the migration process step by step and we will come back to you with a proposed migration date and coordinate it closely together with you.

Administration Interface: Subscription Overview and License Management

In the Administration Interface, we introduce license management designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your purchased licenses. This interface offers essential information, including order numbers, invoice numbers, and license periods, ensuring efficient management of your licenses.

Screenshot of license management from Swarm Control Center


AI models: Traffic Models Stability and Robustness

In this release, we have focused on improving model stability and robustness, particularly in varying weather conditions by reworking the augmentations in our model training. On top, the model was improved on a blind spot of dedicated object sizes which have been found in detailed analysis. So you can expect the traffic models to even run more stable and deliver accurate figures.

Additionally, we have conducted experiments to provide insights on model accuracy over time in your installations. These advancements ensure reliable performance and increased confidence in our solutions. We are committed to delivering optimal results and look forward to elevating your experience with our enhanced offerings.


Virtual Perception License: Time for NVIDIA New Gen

As an Early Availability feature, our software now runs on the latest NVIDIA jetpack 5 version. This enables you to run the Swarm Perception Subscription on the new generation of NVIDIA Jetson series (ORIN), so you can process even more streams on one edge device in case of VPX installations.

As always: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Best regards from Innsbruck,

your Swarm Analytics team



Last but not least: As usual, we offered an online live demo for this release:

Stay connected!

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