Release of v2023.3

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New Features

Adaptive Traffic Control

Yes, we mentioned this already a few times, because it is such a huge feature! Adaptive traffic control enables you to interface with hardware devices like traffic controllers using dry contacts.

Use cases and benefits:

  • ‘Smart Prio’ System: Prioritize certain traffic classes and ensure fluid traffic behavior in real-time (e.g. pedestrians, bicyclists, e-scooters, heavy traffic).
  • Simplify infrastructure maintenance: Replace multiple induction loops with a single Swarm Perception Box. The installation does not require excavation work, and reduces the maintenance effort/costs.

Device Health

Healthy devices make us happy!

With this new feature, you can see the healthiness of your device(s) at a quick glance. The new device health metrics enable you to provide evidence for reliable and continuous data collection – and to self-diagnose common issues, i.e. stable network connectivity, power supply, camera connection and so on.

The supported metrics are:

  • Device uptime, status, restarts, available disk space
  • Device temperature (support for P101/OP101/Jetson Nano)
  • LTE modem traffic, signal strength and reconnects (support for OP100/OP101)
  • Camera status and camera processing speed (FPS)
  • Generated and pending events


Besides new features, we also worked on some improvements for the existing ones. Below you will find an excerpt, the full range of changes can be found in our technical documentation.

Model Improvements

Traffic and Parking: Standard and Accuracy+

We replaced the model Parking (Single-/Multispace) with the model Traffic & Parking (Accuracy+). The model is tuned for accuracy while the processing speed (measured in FPS) is reduced – ideally for use cases with less dynamic objects such as Adaptive Traffic Control and Parking Insights (single space and multispace).

People Head

We fixed the class output, the event class output is now person (vs. previously head). Affected by this change are the devices P101/OP101/VPX. Not affected are the devices P100/OP100.

People Full Body

We improved the accuracy due to higher resolution processing.

Parking Fisheye

The model has been deprecated and will not be updated in the future. Of course, the model will continue to work as long as there are devices using it. However, please consider switching to the Traffic & Parking model.


Device Metadata and Device Update

Device Metadata

Organize devices and generate events containing pre-defined device metadata. You can define up to five key and value pairs for a device. The keys and values can be freely defined by your choice, we support autocompletion for keys to avoid nasty typos. Once defined, metadata allows you to filter the list of devices by metadata values and the generated events will include the pre-defined metadata for further processing by your application. For details have a look at the event scheme.

Device Update

You decide when your devices get an update. Naturally, we recommend updating as soon as possible in order to make sure that you are able to a) enjoy new features and b) to benefit from quality improvements, bug fixes and security updates.

Track Calibration History

With this version, Track Calibration overlays the last 100 object tracks on a current camera frame. This enables you to position event triggers (e.g. counting lines) for optimal results. We extend the functionality with a history over the last 24 hours.

As always: If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Best regards from Innsbruck,

your Swarm Analytics team



Last but not least: As usual, we offered an online live demo for this release:

Stay connected!

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Image of laptop with login screen for Swarm Control Center on transparent background. Above the laptop are balloons in green, light green and light gray
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Release of v2023.3

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Image of laptop with login screen for Swarm Control Center on transparent background. Above the laptop are balloons in green, light green and light gray
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